I try not to buy into conspiracy theories and maybe I have watched too many spy movies but here is what I think could be going on with Comey, Mueller, and the whole Uranium One deal.


First let me say that Anonymous and WikiLeaks have been publishing info about these recent headlines for quite a while now but everyone seems to act like this is all new. WikiLeaks released Podesta emails pertaining to "Uranium One" back in 2015 and again in 2016. The NYT even published an article "Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal" in April of 2015.

Considering Mueller and Comey have both been implicated in the UO deal maybe the whole Trump/Russia investigation was a smoke screen to get someone inside.

We now know that it was really Hillary and the DNC buying Russian info during the elections. We also know Comey purposely got congress to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump and we know he made sure it was Mueller (all from Comey's testimony before congress). So what if Mueller is acting as a mole, finding what evidence there is on himself and others pertaining to Russia and the UO deal. He could be leaking it to those involved so they can prep a defense, get their stories together, or even destroying evidence.

I also think the "dossier" issue is being used as a smoke screen by the media. It is being trumpeted all over the news but, while it should be published, it is technically not illegal. You know, because it is "opposition research" 😉

So they use this to overshadow the UO scandal which could have legal ramifications.