So, not highering Colin Kaepernick is racist. Lets look at a few details:

  • Over 70% of all NFL players are black...I would say that the NFL obviously has no issue highering minorities.
  • ESPN has ranked him 29th out of 35 NFL QBs and the 6 ranked below him are not even starters.
  • He had that one good season when Ray Lewis was on his last ride. As starting QB his team has steadily gone down hill in wins/losses since 2013.
  • He signed a six year contract in 2014 and then oted out three years later after his worst season (1-10) and he expects a team to sign him?
  • Add to that the media frenzy that surrounds him because of his protesting during the National Anthem at each game.

To me it doesn't seem like racism but more like teams don't want a crappy QB who stirs up shit and makes the NFL look bad. All while collecting almost $40 million.

Of course no one cried racism when they did the same to Tim Tebow and he was actually pretty good. The Jets even said they didn't want the "media frenzy" that came with him.

Truth be told Kaepernick is not a strong enough player to overcome the barrage of bullshit he brings with him.

Just my $.02